Another Sign of the Times

Once again, Hallmark has made an ad that, I imagine, resonates with masses of folks. Their ad people are right on. (And damn them for making me cry again…and again…and again.)

P.S. Check out this post by Stacey at 4evermom for still another sign of the times.



  • Mom24

    That's a really good commercial. Ugh. I'll be so happy when times get better. I've never lived through a time like this before. Not fun, that's for sure.

    Thanks for the linky love. It's still with me, that's for sure.


    Good Commercial. It does tug at the emotions, but…that is what hallmark does best. Good Post!


  • Eternal Lizdom

    Hallmark ads get me… but that one coffee ad… where everyone is waking up (to Folgers in their cup) to the smell of brewing coffee and they come downstairs and… "Peter!" and the mom is all teary eyed and so on… I sniffle every. single. time.

  • Huckdoll

    Aw, that was sweet for sure. Whenever Hallmark brings the tears, go check out some Hoops and YoYo e-cards! Those guys make my day. Hilarious 🙂