Look At His Gorgeous Chompers!

Yesterday was a huge day for the older boy. After three years of wearing braces (plus the one year before that, during which he wore a mouth expander), he got everything removed. It was pretty exciting, and he looks fabulous! (Believe me, after what Jim and I spent on orthodontics, there would have been hell to pay if the result was any different!)

In honor of the occasion, I put together a huge bag of his favorite chewy candies (Mary Janes–blech!– and Milk Duds–yum!), along with gum drops, Hot Tamales, and Dots. It totally slipped my mind to buy him bubble gum, but he informed me that he picked some up on Monday and it’s been sitting in his car waiting for this monumental occasion.

He was giddy when I gave him his loot…

…even after I told him the rules:

1. He can’t eat all that candy in one day.
2. He has to store it in the kitchen pantry, and not to worry: his brother has braces and won’t be eating any of it.
3. He has to brush his teeth more often after eating this candy.
4. He has to give me a Milk Dud or two whenever I ask for them.

Other, non-candy-related rules he got today?

1. He MUST wear his retainers at night.
2. If his retainers get lost, stolen, or damaged by carelessness, he has to pay for new ones.
3. If his retainers stop fitting him due to lack of use, he has to pay for refitted ones.
4. His dad and I are done paying for orthodontics with his name on them, period.

We’re ALL smiling in this house, that’s for sure!



  • Mom24

    Awesome smile!

    Rebekah had braces in two phases, that's what they do here. The palate expander and braces in first through 3rd grade, then full braces again starting in 8th. The first time? She was scrupulous about not eating anything she wasn't supposed to. The second time? She ate anything and everything. The only time she ever broke a bracket was on Dipping Dots of all things, definitely not on the not allowed list. 🙂 The orthos office gives them goody bags filled with all the gooey stuff they're not supposed to have, the first time it was like heaven on earth, the second time she was like, eh, I had this last week.

    Gearing up for Julianna to get them soon. *sigh*

  • PJ Mullen

    When I got mine off I wanted peanut brittle and tootsie rolls. The funny thing is I never had peanut brittle before I got braces. He must be so excited to have them off.

  • LceeL

    All three of my boys had braces – something I never had as a kid. And never needed, either.

    Love Muffin, on the other hand, is, was, and always will be a big believer in orthodontics.

    Personally, I never thought the boys teeth were all that bad – but they're all perfect, now – that's for sure.

    And I've noticed a big building project at the ortho's office – they're adding on to their nice little freestanding office building.

    I hope they're making the waiting room larger – I never did like that place.

  • Sue

    He looks more fabulous than usual! 4 years, huh? That means the girls have at least another 2 long years to wait for their chewy package of sugary goodness!

  • Heather

    Aww, look at that smile! Congrats to him! I ate corn on the cob- that was the ONLY thing I wanted. Granted, I only had mine for 18 months, but still.. it felt like eternity!

  • Mama Smurf

    How exciting!

    Just so you know…I think I'm going to start printing up your rules on a regular basis and storing them in an archive to be used as needed…=)

  • Huckdoll

    What an awesome post! I never had braces myself, but it must be one of the most freeing feeling in the world to have them off after three years.

    You're the best parents to buy that bag of treats!