The Best of 2009

My friend Scary Mommy posted a month-by-month list of her favorite posts from this past year, and I thought that was a brilliant idea, so I’m joining in. This is also, I figure, a pretty good way for any relatively new readers to get the general flavor of Suburban Scrawl.

Unfortunately, in looking back over my posts from 2009, I discovered that most of my writing is total crap, so I feel the need to issue an apology: sah-ree!

I did find a couple nuggets of goodness, however. So without further ado, here are MY favorite posts from this year:

January: Breaker One-Nine, What’s Your Handle?

February: When It Works To Be Unpredictable

March: Creative Parenting 101: Holding Onto Your Babies, One Illegible Page At A Time

April: Want To Go To NYC With Suburban Scrawl?

May: When It’s About the Destination and Not The Journey

June: Okay, it was a tie: It Only Took Twenty-Eight Years… AND There’s Just No Getting Rid of the Elephant In the Room

July: We Interrupt This Warm, Post-Blogher Glow For A Rant

August: The Dance

September: Lovely Times Three

October: She’s a Maniac…

November: Overconfident = Bad

December: Wherever, Together

Let’s all hope that 2010 brings us all lots of wonderful things, including some non-crappy posts here at the Scrawl!


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