I Wondered Which One of the Boys Would Be the First To Try and Ride One.

The “Weather’s Better in the Bahamas”, you know, and that’s why I’m doing this series of posts devoted to a place that is decidedly UNwinterlike. Click here to read yesterday’s post, which includes information about the circumstances that took the older boy and me to this gorgeous slice of heaven on earth.

We saw some beautiful sights, of course, including this sparkly blue water:

This rainbow:

This beach:

And these dolphins. One day we were just sailing along and someone noticed this group of six or seven dolphins keeping pace with our boat. The thrill of seeing them in their own environment (as opposed to a show at Sea World) was incredible. My apologies for the sound quality (it was windy and we were moving along at a good clip!); just turn the sound down if it is overly annoying.

If you do watch it with the sound up, you’ll hear one of the boys say “Too bad we don’t have the dolphin striker!” We had just finished our lesson on the parts of a boat, hence his comment.

On one hand I wish I had kept the camera rolling for a little longer so I would have a longer video of this unique experience, but on the other hand I distinctly remember the moment right before I shut it off, when I thought to myself, “Get out from behind the camera NOW. Enjoy it with your own eyes!”

I’m glad I listened to myself. I should do that more often.


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  • WeaselMomma

    That is so cool!
    Thanks for taking me on this virtual vacation, I really needed this.
    Now, if you could sent a cabana boy over…

  • Momo Fali

    If I listened to myself, I would be on my treadmill right now instead of reading your blog. I'm glad I don't pay attention to my own brain.

  • nycgirl0501

    These pictures made my day! Especially with to looming blizzard coming our way!

    I'll be coming back to this post throughout the day!

  • Mags

    I have ALWAYS wanted to see dolphins in their real habitat. I am on boats a lot in the summer and have taken several cruises and always pray that I'll see them…and don't. It's very cool that you got that video and even better that you stopped the camera and enjoyed it.:)

  • Rebecca@Diary of a Virgin Novelist

    So glad you stepped away from the camera. It can be hard – after all the pics and vids are so fun to have. But living in the moment is the THING. I'm glad you were able to do it.

  • Michelle

    Oooo that's pretty. I'm rather jealous. Especially with that white stuff that keeps floating from the sky.

    Those are gorgeous photos. What kind of a camera did you use to take them? 🙂

  • Mrs4444

    I know what you mean about getting out from behind the camera. Yesterday, at the swimming sectionals meet, I was torn between just watching and enjoying a race and videotaping it. Just watching is better.

  • surprised mom

    I think you're photos are wonderful, but I'm glad you got from behind the camera. There is no substitute for "seeing it with your own eyes." The dolphins are a site to behold I wouldn't have wanted to miss.