Take a Flying Leap

Welcome to yet another post in the “Weather’s Better in the Bahamas” series, which is my attempt to keep us all warm this winter. Or something like that.

Kids these days have all kinds of technology at their fingertips, from cell phones to mp3 players to handheld game systems to computers. Their brains don’t shut off much. Parents these days have a hard time wondering why their childrens’ imaginations seem stunted at times, or why, when “stuck” in a situation where they have no access to their gadgets, they whine and complain as if they are going to die from boredom. (Don’t even get me started on the vehicles that are now equipped with DVD players in the back. I get using that for extended trips, but a ten-minute run to the grocery store? Ridiculous.*)

So, what happens when you take eight boys to the Bahamas, sans electronics of any kind, and put them on a boat for five days?

They find great ways to enterain themselves, like jumping off of the roof and into the water.

No, this is not my son, but it is one of the boys on the trip and YES, I did take this picture with my trusty Olympus! Spectacular, isn’t it?

The boys spent hours, literally, climbing up and jumping down. They took turns showboating individually, and on occasion jumped in groups. Most of them were able to jump without their swim trunks accidentally falling down.

*I TOLD you not to get me started.

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