All Stuck Up And No Where To Go(ggles)

Children go through all kinds of attachments as they grow up. We parents make most of the decisions regarding whether these attachments are okay, normal, weird, cute, funny, disgusting, or otherwise. For the most part, as long as our children aren’t in danger, we let it go or even encourage. After all, if it makes them happy…

As babies they might be hooked on the pacifier. As they grow a little older, a special stuffed animal or a blanket might seem like an extra appendage. Of course, some kids suck their thumbs.

Older still, and a child might carry around a doll, a car, or another sort of special toy. As attachments turn into habits, he might enjoy drinking out of a certain cup or seem attached to the blue footie pajamas, or he might like a certain story right before bedtime, every single stinkin’ night.

And then there are the attachments that are just plain funny. For example, you might have a kid who goes through a two-to-three month stage that involves wearing swim goggles during every waking moment, along with stickers on his forehead, hands, arms, clothing, and–occasionally–cheeks.

You don’t have a kid like that? Hmm.

I did.


The younger boy, circa 1996
NOT taken with my trusty Olympus, BTW.


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  • Heather

    Now that is HILARIOUS. He is so adorable! I agree with you– Just let them have their attachments. If it makes them happy, then that is all that counts!

  • Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist

    Cute! We always called my little sister a bag lady because for almost a year (when she was four) she walked around with at least 4-5 purses and grocery bags filled with stuff at all times. I have no idea why she thought she needed it all!

  • kat

    Hilariou and cute. Kids are just so funny and they have a mind of their own. My little cousin used to take his feather headdress and plastic tomahawk to bed…

  • surprised mom

    I had one exactly like this, except it was sunglasses. Then she got into princess costumes, tiaras, etc. She was a a little dress up diva. Wait, she still is. 🙂

  • Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups

    Oh my goodness…he is adorable! Kids are just so funny sometimes!!

    Around the age 2, one of my daughters had what we called "seasonal dyslexia" — she preferred summer clothes in the dead of winter, and vice verse. I tried to accommodate her unusual fashion choices, but had to draw the line when time came to leave our house. HA!

    Fun post!!

  • Susie

    Cute–very cute! oh dear..too many to mention! He had these red socks, his golden reds, that he wanted to wear all the time. They were quite special to him! Currently, (like this week)he's wearing a party hat around the house,every waking minute..I could go on. I need to write this stuff down. One day I'll look back and smile, right? :0)

  • Sue

    Funny! The girls used to walk around with ski goggles on. Sometimes they would prop them on their forehead too. Pictures? Oh yeah!