Couch To 5K Update: See Ya, Week 8! Bring On Week 9!

Shortest update so far! I don’t even remember what I said…but I am runningrunningrunning today and wanted to get this posted, so totally don’t make fun of me, K?

The playlist I used this week can be found on last week’s update post: Click here.

And here is the version of “Defying Gravity” that I TOTALLY ADORE! (You’re welcome!)


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  • ThePeachy1

    I wont be at Blogher. and I definitely wont be running a 5k ( inside joke there, but I used to run) so can you sign my name on your workout shirt for me so I can sort of be there and sort of run again? Keep up the good work.

  • Huckdoll


    Love the shirt idea! Sucks you had to do your Day 2 on the elliptical but it was probably a pretty awesome workout.

    You've come SO far, Melisa, super proud of you!

  • Momo Fali

    You're vlogging?! You KNOW I don't have three minutes to watch that…but, I did because I love you. I can't wait to sign that shirt. Hee hee.