Always Looking on the Bright Side

I was doing some laundry on Monday when I found a pair of iPod headphones in the dryer (post-cycle).

“ARGGGGHH!” I exclaimed/growled/emoted/insert appropriate verb here.

Stomping my feet up the stairs to the family room, I called the younger boy downstairs.

“Did you leave your headphones in your jeans pocket yesterday?*”

“Uh, yeah. Oops.**”

I put my hands on my hips and said, “Well, they went through the washer AND the dryer. If they don’t work, I’m not paying to replace them; YOU ARE.”

And with that, he (always the comedian) put the headphones up to his nose and said, “At least they smell fresh!”

And then I laughed.

*Obviously a trick question, because he’s the only kid left in this house at the moment.
**He may not have said “Oops.” He may have said, “Sorry.” I can’t remember.


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