McMels Gone Wild*!

My high school friend, McMel, came for a visit last weekend. Actually, she didn’t come for a visit, technically: she came for a two-day seminar, sent by her new employer. I was thrilled to find out that the seminar wouldn’t be in the city after all: it was in Oak Brook, which is only about fifteen minutes from my house. That location made it easy for me to pick McMel (and her super-nice co-worker) up for dinner both evenings, and then take them to the airport for their flight home on Saturday.

Getting together with old friends is a priceless experience. Sharing a history, especially history from the teenaged years, makes a girls’ weekend like I had with McMel all the more special. It’s funny, since high school I have only seen McMel TWO TIMES, once briefly at our ten-year reunion and then once, for two hours, this past July. If you had been here with us over the weekend, though, you never would have believed that. We giggled and talked non-stop as if no time had passed since we were goofing off in the yearbook staff room and tagteaming the McDonald’s drive thru together, making sure every car received their order in thirty seconds or less.

On Thursday, I realized something funny. After our extensive McDonald’s crew history together, McMel’s work seminar was in Oak Brook, which is also–coincidentally–the home of the McDonald’s corporate offices! Of course we had to get a picture.

Besides window shopping and walking around my suburb’s awesome little downtown, we enjoyed two lovely dinners (including deep dish at Lou Malnati’s: YUM!) and excitedly discussed her newly-published book:

I’m so proud of McMel!

Thanks for the great McWeekend, McMel! Hope to McSee you again, McSoon!

*Not really, though. McMel and I are too goody-goody to truly go wild.


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  • Jim

    "I was thrilled to find out that the seminar wouldn't be in the city after all: it was in Oak Brook"

    Sure you were happy NOT to go to the city! Like we would believe THAT!!

    Love you anyway

  • Tara R.

    Congrats to your friend on the publication of her new book.

    Glad you had such a nice visit with McMel. Love the pic beside the Micky D's sign.

  • DaddysFishBowl

    You're dead on about catching up with old friends. Since I'm pretty far away from home, I don't get to see my high school buds as often as I'd like, but once we're back together it's like we didn't skip a beat. Glad you were able to catch up and have a good time, the feeling is awesome.