This Is What Sixteen Years Looks Like.

Okay, technically this (above) is what fifteen and a half looks like, since I took the picture in Munich over the summer. But you get the idea.

Today is J’s sixteenth birthday. I am once again in total disbelief that this growing up thing is happening. I mean, we’ll be starting his college search in the fall! Hold me.

J: I hope you enjoy the rainbow cake I’m attempting to make for you right now. (If it all works out, it will have four wheels and would go “vroom vroom” if I put some kind of sound mechanism in it!) Happy, happy birthday, Dude! I love you!


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  • ThePeachy1

    Happy Birthday to the younger one. They are growing up fast. You can totally ship me a piece of that cake. Thanks

  • Tom

    Happy birthday to J! Sixteen is a great time of life. Just be sure to enjoy it in a way that lets you make it to 17.


    Happy Belated Birthday J!

    Wait you didn't make him take off his coat to take a picture outside (like the holiday card…thats one of my fav photos of your kids)? C'mon there wasn't that much snow out there! LOL!

    Kidding! Hope the cake came out great!