• Liz

    HAH! I hear your dryer going in the background (at least, I think it’s the dryer) also, did you clean your house before you vlogged? I don’t why you insist you “got nuh-thin” you had me at French parenting techniques. And yes, you do so sound adorable – but, in a “somebody needs a hug,” sort of way. Congrats on the upcoming Listen to Your Mother interview!

    • Melisa

      Nope, my dryer is in the basement. Most likely what you heard was my stomach growling. No? Just a theory.

      I did NOT clean my house FOR the vlog, but we did clean on Saturday and thank goodness this area of the house is still relatively unscathed! Woot!

  • Liz

    Can you tell I was interrupted a couple of times while posting that totally incoherent comment (that’s my story and am sticking to it!)

  • megryansmom

    My bitches are sleeping and so are the kiddos, wish I was. I got nuthin either. Your house is nice and bright 🙂 Mine is just cold. We’re replacing the thermal coupler in our furnace tonight and by WE I really mean ME. Say a prayer that I don’t go all stabby on my hubby, I’m PMSing and all ya know. Mwah

  • Mags

    You look FABULOUS for someone who is so sick!!! I always look like a hag. Kudos to you! 🙂

    And also, I love hearing your voice. Even if you sound “adorable”. 😉

    LOL…even though we’re not French. You crack me up.

    • Melisa

      Thanks Mags! I really haven’t FELT badly. It’s just the chest/head congestion and the voice. Otherwise? Nada. Thank goodness my voice is back at about 80% today! 🙂

    • Melisa

      I can’t tell if that was a sarcastic “wink wink” or a serious “wink wink”, so I will just leave it alone. 🙂

  • Flawless Mom

    I LOVE that you vlogged when you “had nothing!” So funny.
    My thoughts:
    1. You look great.
    2. You sound sexy.
    3. I refuse to watch the Bachelor but am about to watch Biggest Loser.
    4. I must be French because I take NO SHIT from my kid. And he knows it. Which is why he is an absolute ANGEL. (Seriously)
    5. That made me miss you.

    • Melisa

      I TOTALLY had nothing: that’s why I was “um-ing” all over the place. I totally annoyed myself.

      I watched Biggest Loser this morning on the DVR. Felt bad for aqua team guy but glad he’s gone, I guess. You should watch the Bachelor. In fact, I think you should watch it and then make a character out of the women (Courtney in particular). I want you to watch the way she moves her mouth, TRY not to be annoyed by it, and then impersonate her. Please? ENTERTAIN ME, LISA!!! 🙂

      I miss you too, Frenchie. Lots. 🙂 xoxo

  • Jenn

    Oh honey, you make me want to hug you tight! You’re great! These vlogs from my gals are making me crazy missing y’all! (And let’s vlog the Bachelor every week! Crazy train fun!)