I Have An Announcement.

It has been quite the week around here. On Sunday, Tracey and I held auditions for the Listen To Your Mother Chicago show (with some invaluable help from my City Half, Margaret). It was a long day, but it was a fun day. On Monday evening we auditioned a few more on Google+ Hangout, my new favorite technological wonder. We loved everybody’s pieces. We had some tough decisions to make.

When Tracey and I tossed our hats into the ring and applied to bring LTYM to Chicago, we really wanted it. We had a few pretty good reasons why we wanted to do it, all of which were outlined in what I thought was a pretty kick-ass proposal to LTYM National Director Ann Imig.

Though our reasons for wanting it were valid ones and they’re still there–somewhere–those reasons were immediately replaced by something much bigger on Sunday and Monday, when it got very real all up in here.

The honesty, the passion, and the creativity that was practically presented to us on a silver platter was MINDBLOWING. There were funny stories. There were adorably cute stories. There were heartbreaking stories. There were sweet stories. There were stories about feelings that usually aren’t discussed openly. Some of the stories were “seeing the light of day” for the first time ever…and I finally got it.

The stories. THAT’S why we are doing this. These stories of, as Ann says, “the beauty, the beast, and the barely-rested that is Motherhood” need to be shared. Once again, I am counting my blessings that I am a part of this.

We have approached a major milestone today: our cast announcement! I couldn’t be more excited. Well, maybe I can. Talk to me on the day of the show.

In the meantime, please go check out the names of the very first Chicago cast of LTYM by clicking here, and have a very happy Friday!