A Little Randomness For Your Thursday

I have a couple of post ideas saved in draft that I’ve been wanting to write, but my to-do list is keeping me from focusing for the length of time required to get them done. What that means is, you’re stuck with my brain dump today.

I am gearing up for the second (and final!) rehearsal for LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO. Tracey and I are meeting with the cast on Sunday, and I’m looking forward to it for many reasons. The last time we met–which was also the first time–was at a pizza place and some people got caught in traffic or had other issues that prevented them from arriving on time, and the background noise really didn’t allow everyone to hear each other’s stories as well as we would have liked. I can’t wait for Sunday when we’ll be in a quiet, private conference room and everyone will be able to get lost in the stories. After rehearsal, those of us who can stay away from home longer are going to do some serious bonding over dinner and drinks. I can’t express to you how wonderful this experience has been, meeting the people (and spending more time with the ones I already knew!) that make up this cast. They are–each and every one of them–amazing and I am thrilled that this show–which is TWO WEEKS FROM SUNDAY!!!–has brought us together.

Speaking of LTYM Chicago, the show sold out in just over one week, which was a true thrill. Unfortunately, not everybody who wanted to attend was able to get tickets. If you know any of those people (or if you ARE one of those people!), tomorrow might be a lucky day. Tracey and I are each giving away a pair of tickets on our blogs! Come back tomorrow morning to learn all about it.

BBRadio last night was fun. So many people were tweeting with us and I am getting SO excited for the Brands and Bloggers Summit!

I am thrilled to have finally settled into doing the majority of my work from home, even though I have been running around like crazy since I stopped working in the salon back in August. This week, though, has been a great one: for the first time in as long as I can remember, I haven’t had any actual appointments to be anywhere except for my Zumba classes and my spin class. I have been working on LTYM stuff, Social RevUp stuff, and my freelance writing.

Today I’m actually going to attempt to help Jim out by having a fire in the backyard: we have a mountainous pile of branches on the patio that he has been dying to get rid of but it’s been too windy to do so. Today is a calm day, weather-wise, and I am a closet pyromaniac so it seems like a nice day to have a fire. I even have marshmallows.

I need to get the word out about my Chicagoland travel guide book for families with tweens and teens (ahem, available on Amazon, at Chicago-area B&N stores, and in fine gift shops around here), especially since the weather is getting warmer and people are starting to think about summer activities with their kids. I’m considering doing a giveaway or something, possibly next week. I’ll keep you posted.

Looks like I’d better get busy, especially before Roxie does that whole “I’m going to stare at you until you pay attention to me” thing. Actually, maybe I’d better pencil in a dog walk today.

Have a great Thursday!

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