My kid is engaged. No, no: it’s not what you think. Let me explain.

We’ve had a minor hiccup in J’s college search process recently: he has decided not to pursue music long-term.

J guitar mannys

A couple of years ago he was definitely planning to major in music and then when we started having deeper discussions about what kinds of music careers he would want to pursue, he eventually changed his plan to Music Education and then, most recently, a business major with a music minor.

Two weeks ago he announced out of the blue during one of our many college conversations that music was out. It was a shocker to us, because he has been focused on music and his guitars for so long, but I admire him and am really proud of him for really figuring out what he wants. He is very talented, but he is not particularly interested in the nuts and bolts of music as much as he enjoys just playing music on his guitar.

So, a business major it is.

While his adjustment in plans is great in the sense that he is truly engaged and thinking about what he wants to do for a living eventually, it has created the need for us to reboot the college search, because the music major had a limiting factor on potential schools. He has a favorite school so far but we would be remiss not to tour more schools with this new information. We’re in a time crunch of sorts, too: he needs to apply to his top choice schools this fall.

That’s why he and I have worked on a chart comparing the four colleges we’ve already toured and will tour four more within the next three weeks. We’re locked and loaded and ready to tackle some big decisions. We’ll have fun.

It’s kind of exciting, helping your kid plan his future, you know?


    • Melisa

      I know. Every now and then I like to create a title with double meaning just to see what happens. 🙂

      And yeah, no guarantees that he won’t change his mind later but he seems VERY on board w/ business so I’m keeping everything crossed!

  • Sally

    We have some lovely schools in the Boston area that I am sure you would like to visit with a little detour to the cape!

    • Melisa

      Um, a *little* too expensive as far as traveling back and forth BUT I will be detouring to your house at some point; I just don’t know when. 🙂

    • Melisa

      We will! I just realized (when I got a phone call from an admissions counselor this afternoon–he had been on vacation when I left him a message last week) that we have FIVE schools to visit. Oy vey.

  • Cy

    Wish I’d had the support you’re giving him! And you sound super organized. Our sophomore son is having major ‘major angst’. Two years in and he pretty much does not like it…but feels like he’s too far in to change. It’s tough for all of us…

    • Melisa

      Oh gosh, I’m sorry about the major angst. That’s a really, really difficult spot to be in. I hope that he can take some electives that maybe lead to a minor in something he is more interested in?

  • Tara R.

    Wait a second while I catch my breath… engaged?!

    Okay… good for J thinking this through so well. Better to make the change now than while already in college. Good luck with the college tours and whittling down the choices.

    • Melisa

      haha! Sorry!!! 🙂

      And thanks: the luck will be needed. As you know it’s sort of hard to keep them all straight!

    • Melisa

      As a matter of fact, I will share how I made it: my next post is about college search tips! 🙂

  • Winnie

    Great news! I think it is great that he is weighing his future so strongly and that you will be making the charts and helping him along the way. Such an exciting time for you all. Great that he has options too!

  • Flawless Mom

    That is so awesome. I’ll be spending this year looking for kindergartens for next September, and deciding if we need to move. Right now we’re looking for an American Ninja Warrior major with a Mario Brothers minor. It’s hard to findl

  • Colleen

    Yeah, the title had me shocked a bit, too! Anyway, congrats to your boy for being honest and figuring out the difference between studying music and just enjoying playing music. Many kids wouldn’t have been mature enough to figure out the difference at this stage — I know he’ll do well in his studies!

  • tracey

    Sometimes making your hobby into your career means you end up killing your love of the hobby. I hope he finds the perfect school soon. And good for him for making a change like that.