One Score, Or Twenty Years Ago…

This kid was born.

d with shoes

Today is D’s twentieth birthday. It was alarming when I realized last night as I was wide awake at midnight–two hours after I had gone to bed–that I can no longer say I have two teenaged sons. It’s a bizarre feeling.

Of course, you can’t slow time down and this is just the thing that tends to happen.

Today is a little bittersweet for us since D is in New Mexico, miles and miles away from here. In fact, in many ways it doesn’t seem like his birthday at all because I’m not making a cake (that would be weird–and mean!) and naturally there are no plans to go out to dinner as a family for the occasion like we always do (we wouldn’t go without him!). Gifts were given to him before he left town, and we sent him a small package to open this week but…yeah, not the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in a funk today. Outside of being a little crabby because I have to do a long day today on four and a half hours of sleep, any bittersweet feelings about D’s first birthday away from home are balanced out by my knowing that he is doing exactly what he wants to do. I don’t think he’s ever sounded so consistently happy as he has each and every time he calls to check in, talking about the young Boy Scouts he’s shepherding into the back country, the hummingbirds that sat on his finger, the friends he’s making. A Happy Birthday indeed.


  • Toni

    I remember back to when our son was born…there was always that “I can’t wait” moment.
    I can’t wait until he sleeps through the night.
    I cant’ wait until he feeds himself.
    I can’t wait until he can walk.
    I cant’ wait until he can talk.
    Now, mine will be 13 in a few weeks…officially the mom of a teenager (how did that even happen??)

    I SO can wait. <3 you.

  • Liz

    Ohhhhhhh, this made me all teary-eyed (I know, act surprised anyway, okay?) Happy, Happy Birthday, D, you are one lucky bug!

  • Patty

    What a cutie! Happy Birthday D!

    So wait did you plan to have your baby on the same day at Princess Diana? I know you know its Williams bday today too 🙂 LOL!

  • tracey

    He was sooooo cute! That smile! Sniff. Why do they all have to grow up so damn fast?

    Happy Birthday to D! And to you, for surviving 20 years of motherhood, I raise my coffee in a salute. Love you!

  • Judy VanHoose

    It’s still hard for me to imagine a time when my baby is away from home, but when that time comes, I hope she is off somewhere doing exactly what she loves best in the world as D is doing. You raised him well, Mom, very, very well.

  • Grandma W

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY D —- 20 CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW I FEEL– A 20 year old grandson.

    Grandma W

    P.S. I called and left a message on his phone.

  • Colleen

    Wow. How utterly amazing. Both in that you have a son who’s 20 and in that both you and he sound perfectly happy with where you are in your lives. Happy birthday to you both! 🙂