Good Posture And Blueberries

I know. Quite possibly my most bizarre title ever, in more than five years of blogging.

Chalk it up to laziness more than creativity, but you clicked here, didn’t you? Score one for laziness.

This morning I took my sixth Dailey Method class in eight days. Today is the day I (my brain and the rest of my body) got it. It clicked. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t any less difficult than it has been. Today I didn’t get as many pose corrections from the instructor as much as I did in the five previous classes, I knew what she meant with her cues, and for the first time class flew by, feeling like it was over in thirty minutes rather than the hour (and truth be told, the hour of class has felt more like ninety minutes before today).

Outside of class, there’s a difference too. I find myself walking taller, pulling my shoulders down and back, trying to move more gracefully. Call it crazy but I imagine myself a ballerina when I walk, hoping that my body will magically follow what’s in my brain.

Class on Saturdays has another great benefit: my town’s Farmer’s Market is in the parking lot. Passing through it on my way to the car I’m treated to the smell of fresh kettle corn, the sight of beautiful fruits and vegetables, and the sound of the vendors talking about where their goods came from and how they recommend preparing them.

I was struck silly by this adorable sign, some genius marketing if you ask me.

Blueberry Muffins in your future

Next week I’m bringing cash and will make that prediction come true.


  • Tara R.

    Congrats on surviving and thriving through your first full week (plus) of Daily Method Class. Don’t you already have a pink tutu? That would help with that ballerina feeling.

    Those blueberries look wonderful, and now I want muffins.

  • Grandma W

    I just bought 2 large containers of blueberries so I will be making jam Monday or Tuesday. Plus some muffins if I have any left. We have free stone peaches from Georgia and I hope to pick some up also this week. I hope I get it done, keep your fingers crossed..

    Grandma W