DJ J, Revisited

It’s interesting how life works. While contemplating how my life has taken some pretty cool twists and turns over the past couple of years, I have discovered that often we end up doing things we never set out to do, ever. These new activities, pastimes, or even career changes come in the form of a natural progression, sometimes when you least expect it and often before you realize it.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one in our house experiencing this sort of thing. I have written before about how J, my 17-year-old guitar-loving son who has always had a wide range of musical interests thanks to his aunt but never much liked electronica, purchased some DJ equipment and how he was getting started mixing music.

I have been so blown away by his progress in such a short time. He practices often and I absolutely LOVE listening to it from downstairs. (Thank goodness I adore electronica.) He’s not planning on making this into anything more than a hobby (hello, planning to major in business next year!) but I think it’s very cool how he was led here after years of playing clarinet and then–and still–guitar, favoring rock and roll classics on that instrument.

He received a really nice note from someone who has mentored him a little bit, telling him that the videos he’s posting show an obvious improvement each step of the way. I’m glad that he is getting some non-familial feedback in addition to our in-house oohs and ahhs.

As he continues to practice this new-ish hobby that he loves so much, I will continue to watch (and listen) in awe, overjoyed to see his talent blossom, all the while wondering where it will take him next.



  • Tara R.

    That was a wonderful gesture from his mentor. It’s always good to hear from mom or dad you’re doing good job, but to also hear it from someone who doesn’t have to be nice to you, is great. Way to go J!