A Timeless Birthday Wish

Today happens to be my sister’s birthday! Whee! I thought I would share a birthday post I wrote for her four years ago, not only because I think it’s partially hilarious but also because it all still applies. Edits are included at no extra charge.

Today is a real milestone kind of day. Thirty-five Thirty-nine years ago on this very day, a person was born. This person was not just *any* average kind of person: she is really something special. I was going to say that on this day, I feel really old. But I won’t say that first because that makes it more about me.

Then again, she’s used to that. So I will say it. I feel really old.

My “kid” sister is celebrating 35 39 years today! How the heck did that happen, and where did the time go?

If you know me at all, you know that I love lists. I’m gonna give you one today:

Twenty Things I Love About Julesie:

1. She is a great friend. I’m not just talking about being a great friend to me, but to everyone in her circle. She would do *anything* for her friends. Better than that, they know it because of her actions, big and small.

2. She is generous. She would give you the shirt off her back. Especially if your name is Jeremy Piven. (Hey-Ohhhhh!) (EDITED: Or Javier Bardem. Or Tom Hardy. Or almost any firefighter in uniform.)

3. She adores my kids. That one is self-explanatory. The adoration is mutual, I might add. But you know that already if you’re a regular around here.

4. On that note, she doesn’t hesitate to parent my kids exactly as I do, and I love that. If they need a figurative smack, she hands it to them. Figuratively.

5. She is Freakin’ Fun. With two capital F’s. She not only makes the most out of traditionally fun activities, but she can make mundane things fun, too.

6. She has a love for music that spans almost all genres, and has the knowledge about the artists to back it up. I have probably never heard of about 1/3 of the musicians she is intimately (figuratively) familiar with. Her range in musical interests is fascinating to me, and she has exposed a lot of really cool music to the boys. Good thing, since they’re stuck with a techno- and 80’s music-loving mom and a hard rock-loving dad.

7. She is creative. We come from a creative mother, and Julesie has creativity coming out of her ears. We are pretty talented creatively on our own, but when we get together on a project (like Bar Mitzvah and other party themes), you’d better stay out of the way: The Creative Crazy Train is on its way!

8. Though she is not a morning person and I am, she makes these funny jokes when I sing “Good Morning to You” early in the morning, about killing me or poking my eyes out and stuff. Err, maybe those aren’t jokes. But they’re still funny.

9. She has mad skillz in the kitchen. But you already know that.

10. She really, really enjoys just *living*. I guess that goes with the Freakin’ Fun, but it’s worth another mention. She has that certain je ne sais quoi. I don’t know what. (ha ha) Yes I do: she has that Joie de vivre. Can I get a What What for pulling out the two French phrases I know? Wait, make that three: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi is another one I know, but inappropriate for this birthday post. Unless you cut and paste it into #2.

11. She is really, really good at talking me down off ledges when I’m stressed.

12. She is very easy-going, which is why she’s good at #11.

13. She is a Straight Talker. Not like in a John McCain kind of way, but in a real person kind of way. (EDITED: I don’t normally drop politicians’ names in my posts, but it is/was the season, you know.) If you don’t want to know what she really thinks, don’t ask her.

14. She is a self-starter. She’s the one who, in a situation where people are walking around looking at each other like idiots because they don’t know what to do next, will roll up her sleeves and start delegating.

15. She is a competitor, but in a fun way. (Freakin’ Fun) I have two examples. First, a few years ago on New Year’s Eve, we were here playing Monopoly with our old friends Dawn (Frequent “anonymous” commenter) and Scott. Scott and Julesie went back and forth for hours over the same few properties. He was a little miffed that she wasn’t caving. And she didn’t. And that night was legendary. Second, she has had a running bet with Jim for years. For a quarter. She once said that she would never, ever do any yardwork. Ever. He bet her a quarter. Over the years he keeps trying to get her to go outside and pull a weed or something, even snip a piece of grass with scissors or something, but she doesn’t. It’s quite hilarious.

16. She has a great blog. Have you checked it out? It’s here. (EDITED: And more recently, here.)

17. She is caring. She will check on you if you are sick. She will remember your last headache and keep checking on you til it’s gone.

18. She has great stories. I won’t elaborate. Go read her blog.

19. She has good taste. But not necessarily expensive taste all the time. Does that make sense? Doesn’t look right. Oh well. I’ll come back to this one. (EDITED: I never went back to it. You’ll have to nod and pretend you know what I was trying to say.)

20. All-around, she’s just awesome. And we love her.