Floats Like a Butterfly, Stings Like a BEE-gle (Part Two, Sort Of)

As it turns out, the title I used for Roxie’s Halloween costume post last year was a great fit this year too, with a minor spelling change.

I do realize that it’s two days past Halloween, in case you’re wondering, but it wasn’t until today that I actually had/made the time to take her annual Halloween portraits. Better two days late than never, I always say. Plus? We weren’t thrilled with the costume this year. (By “we”, I mean “we”. Seriously. She and I both had issues with it.) She has put on a couple of pounds (literally, like two or three pounds) and is on the borderline between a dog’s size Medium and Large. The costume, a bumblebee, is really cute but didn’t fit her as perfectly as past costumes have. Also, it has a funky attached hood/hat thing that didn’t sit around her head and ears the right way. Oh! And the antennae? Lame. They looked less like antennae and more like deely-boppers, and they flopped into each other rather than sticking out like they should have. That said, her cuteness really did help to make up for the poor fit of the outfit.

Now that I have prepared you, behold the official Halloween 2012 portrait of Roxie, taken with my pop art filter.

Roxie bumblebee

The wonky antennae and ill-fitting costume contributed greatly to the problematic nature of the photoshoot itself, so after a while I pulled the treats out of my pocket and we just had some fun with it.

Roxie bee Collage

To summarize: not my favorite costume ever but the pictures are pretty funny, so I guess I can’t complain!

If you’d like to see pictures of Roxie’s Halloweens past, click here for last year’s butterfly, here for 2010’s pirate, here for 2009’s Lady Gaga, and here for 2008’s princess AND 2007’s hot dog AND 2004’s devil.