The Cadillac ATS: Form AND Function

Back in February I was invited to attend the Chicago Auto Show as a guest of General Motors. While I was there, I happened to lay eyes upon what quickly became my dream car, the Cadillac ATS. The ATS that was on display at the auto show was red, which happens to be my favorite color. I mean, just look at it, would you?

2013 Cadillac ATS

I have been thinking about this car ever since.

Over the summer, this awesome video was released by Cadillac. They are using part of it in the current 30-second ATS commercial, but you really have to watch the whole thing to get the full effect:

You can see that the Cadillac ATS (which is classified as a compact luxury sports sedan) is a car that has both form and function, and those two elements were celebrated at an event I attended last week on Michigan Avenue at the new Cadillac Luxury Lounge in the Shops at North Bridge. I put on my favorite black dress and headed to the city with my friend Jen. GM’s Connie Burke was kind enough to take this lovely picture (thanks, Connie!):

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There was a mini fashion show…

IMG 20121025 191949

I’m no fashionista, though: what I was really interested in was the car, which was on display in black with pretty red leather seats. It was a good thing they weren’t showing off a red one, because I had already warned Connie that if I saw a red one, I would be attaching my body to it until they gave me the keys. In hindsight, I guess it was best for all of us that they brought the black one.

Anyway, we enjoyed looking at the exterior first. I adore the way it looks: it’s got beautiful lines and a really smart design in general. (Integrated rear spoiler? LOVE.)

IMG 20121025 183929

Later, we sat inside the car while Fred Ligouri, GM Regional Communications Representative, told us all about the interior. This car is so luxurious (I guess it makes sense that it’s a LUXURY sport sedan. Genius.) and I was head over heels. The leather and other materials inside the car were yummy–if I can say that–and this particular vehicle had carbon fiber accents which looked amazing (other options are exotic woods and aluminum).

What was REALLY exciting was to listen to Fred tell us about the CUE (Cadillac User Experience), which is a technological wonder, a system that combines vehicle controls, safety, navigation, and communication into one awesome package. It has a touch screen and voice recognition capabilities, and, well, just WATCH and be amazed.

Attending this event didn’t do anything to get the Cadillac ATS off the top of my Dream Car List, I can tell you that. One of these days I’m going to talk GM into letting me drive one (I’m guessing that Connie is looking into a chaperone for me right now) and I’ll tell you all about THAT experience. I’m guessing it will go very, VERY well. The driving part, I mean.

The “returning it to GM” part? Maybe not so well: I anticipate tears.
Wait, I probably shouldn’t say that until I have the keys. Disregard that.

More on the Cadillac ATS at a later date!

Disclosure: Though I enjoyed one (1) glass of white wine and a couple of appetizers at the event because the kind folks at General Motors happen to know how to host a party, I was not compensated in any way for this post and in fact was not asked to write it at all. I just had to share!


  • Connie Burke

    It was great, as always, to see your smiling face at our event, Scrawlsie. I really appreciate your genuine fan-dom (not “Of The Opera” kind), and it didn’t hurt that you were rooting for the Tigers that night.
    Of course I would love to see you behind the wheel of one of these sleek machines – as soon as it arrives in our fleet. I ALWAYS enjoy your reviews, because they’re so…you.

    I also appreciate you braving the elements that night – the rain, the closed streets due to the president’s visit, the riot that erupted after the Tigers were shut out by the Giants. Oh, wait. That was just me.
    Thanks again for bringing your enthusiasm and your exquisite taste in automobiles.

    Your Chaperone

  • Grandma W

    Thanks for the experience, I loved it. Can I be a back seat driver? Tell Connie I said Hi.
    The commercial was outstanding. Some of those curves looked like the Dragon in the Smokies.

    Grandma W

  • Ally Bean

    The last Cadillac that I remember being in was when I was in middle school. It was a friend’s grandma’s huge, lilac sedan. Quite something, really. But nothing at all like the photos of what you show above– which present a much more inviting vehicle than Granny’s Caddy. I can see why you like this new one.