How Can You Argue With Logic Like That?

D’s affinity for taking showers that use every last drop of hot water in the house has been well-documented (Okay, in one post, but it was a very thorough documentation). When he went away to college, our water bill went down by about $750 per month* and the whole family got used to having enough hot water for our own showers again. Whenever he comes home, there’s always a “re-acquaintance period” during which we all forget that we need to do anything we can to take our showers before he wakes up each day.

Yesterday was Christmas, which in our house means that we just laze around in the family room until we figure out which movie we’ll see. Jim and I were sitting there watching some television when we heard the shower. We weren’t sure which kid it was until the minutes began to tick by. And tick by. And tick by.

Jim looked at the time and said, “He has been in the shower for nearly thirty minutes now.”

“Ack,” I said. “We won’t have any hot water!”

D came downstairs about ten minutes later and we immediately gave him a hard time about how long he had been in there and how he had a lack of respect for the other four people in the house who also happened to need showers.

“I didn’t use all of the hot water. It was still hot when I finished. And besides,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “I didn’t shower at all yesterday so I just doubled up today.”

I’m a sucker for logic like that. I didn’t say another word. I couldn’t, because I was laughing too hard.

*Slight exaggeration


  • Mrs4444

    This was funny. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing how much my kid relaxes, being at home again; Kyle is in heaven, getting fed, lazing around. Since he showed us his grades this year (first time since college and A-B average), we are even more happy to indulge him 🙂

  • Patty

    As girl i pride myself with taking really quick showers…15 minutes tops…all clean! I say for fun turn the water off next time he’s taking too long 🙂 LOL