The “Problem” of Lunch

In light of the events of this week in both Boston and West, Texas, and after our school district closed schools for the second consecutive day due to the massive flooding the entire area of Chicago has been dealing with (but of course mainly due to some of our hyper-local roads, which are still impassable), I decided that today would be a good day to take J out to lunch so we can count our blessings together.

This conversation just happened and is very typical when it comes to deciding on stupidly simple things like where to go for lunch:

Me: “Where do you want to go for lunch?”

J: “You decide.”

Me: “No, YOU decide. It’s up to you.”

J: “Nope.”

Me: “Okay, how about you come up with three choices and I’ll decide from them, or vice versa?”

J: *thinking” “No, how about we BOTH come up with three choices and then take turns eliminating one from the other’s list?”

Me: “Deal.”

I went to take a shower and considered lunch options. When I returned to the family room I said, “Well, got your choices ready?”

J: “OOPS! I forgot to think about it. Okay…give me a minute…”

In the end, we decided on the one place that we both named as one of our three options. (Be there soon, Five Guys!)

The “problem” of not being able to decide on lunch is, as we all know, not a real problem at all, and especially today on the tail end of a crazy week, I’m happy to be able to have annoying dilemmas like this one, along with a private meal with one of the guys I love most.

Be safe out there today. Be good to yourself and give others a little bit of extra kindness, would you? I plan on the same.

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