My NBC Nightly News Debut…Sort Of

So we weren’t actually ON Friday evening’s NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams as scheduled because our segment got bumped due to breaking news. (“Sigh…but that happens in the news biz, you know”, I type knowingly, because I have LOTS more personal experience with the “news biz” than I did a week ago.)

Tracey and I were in the Valparaiso, Indiana Buffalo Wild Wings during the broadcast*, and we had just talked our server into changing the channel on the huge tv that hung on the wall above our table (from NBC Sports to NBC local) when Ann Imig (National Director/Founder of LTYM) sent me a text letting me know that we wouldn’t see ourselves over spinach and artichoke dip and vodka lemonades after all. Not a minute later I checked Facebook and discovered that 2013 Chicago cast member Marianne Walsh had located the segment on the NBC News website. Score!! Related: Thank goodness for smart phones!

Tracey and pocket-sized Sarah

Tracey and I watched the segment on her phone. Here’s Tracey with pocket-sized cast member Sarah Zematis.

The next couple of hours found my inbox stuffed with countless Facebook notifications as my friends shared the video, tagging Tracey and me along the way. (Of course, we had to explain the whole thing to our server so he didn’t think we were liars and News Nerds who just wanted to watch Brian Williams in a public restaurant, surrounded by other televisions set on sporting events.) (Truth be told, I AM a News Nerd who would much prefer to watch Brian Williams over virtually any sporting event.)

We heard that the piece might be shown tomorrow on the Today Show, and I hope it is, but for now we are just thrilled that NBC put the segment on their website, on the front page, even!

LTYM on NBC NN site

LTYM truly IS a national movement. One city in 2010, five cities in 2011, ten cities in 2012, and a mind-boggling twenty-four cities this year. What’s next? Only Ann Imig knows. (and if she doesn’t, she’s working on it: of THAT you can be sure!)

In the meantime, check out the NBC segment**, and if you’re around tomorrow tune into the Today Show, just in case.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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*Enjoying dinner and drinks before walking to the Memorial Opera House for the NWIndiana LTYM show!

**HUGE thanks to NBC’s Janet Shamlian and segment producer Erika Angulo for a job well done: Tracey and I–and our entire 2013 cast–are thrilled!


  • TheNextMartha

    It was so fantastic. It was also on the front page of in featured videos. SO COOL.

  • Michelle

    That is so cool. I am so highly impressed by all the hard work you’ve put into this to make it such an amazing show. Hats off to you and to Tracey. You rock!

  • Samantha

    Loved this and loved being a part of it! Thank you for letting me share in this journey! xoxo

  • Heather Novak

    I heard this was happening but was attending LTYM NW Indiana…for the first time NOT as a cast member…it was even better from the plain ol audience. I LOOOOOOOOVE it. Congrats. Vodka lemonades? I should’ve indulged. Next time?