I’ll Do It If She Will.

One of my favorite things to eat (besides steak) has always been movie popcorn with extra butter. I know it’s horrible nutritionally, but it tastes so good. I literally did a happy dance years ago when one of our local theaters installed the “butter-your-own-popcorn” stations because, you know, extra butter. Related: those stations can be dangerous for someone like me.

I can out-eat anyone when it comes to movie popcorn with extra butter.

Well, except for maybe one person: my mom.

If my mom and I were each given a bucket of movie popcorn, buttered just the way we like it, I would be hard pressed to guess who could eat more of it. It would be a close race, that’s for sure.

That’s why a conversation we had last week was so funny to me. In light of my recent medical issues, I am unable to eat my favorite movie snack right now (and after this initial period of having to be fairly strict about what I eat, will only be able to have a handful of it, once in a blue moon). While in Tennessee over the July 4th weekend we all decided to check out a movie and although I am always happy to go to the theater, I whined about my inability to indulge in the popcorn.

My mom said, “Why don’t you just get plain popcorn with no butter?”

I laughed my head off.

My response? “Tell you what. YOU get plain popcorn with no butter, eat the whole thing, and then tell me if you enjoyed it. If you do, THEN I’ll get the plain popcorn.”

She laughed and said, “Okay no, I’m not doing that.”

I said, “I rest my case.”

I love her for supporting me, though. (and thanks for letting me grab two pieces of popcorn, Mom.)


  • Grandma W

    I felt bad you couldn’t have more but not bad enough to not have it myself. The show we went just got in the self serve butter machine and I love that. You know everything with butter is better.
    Love Grandma W

  • Nikki

    You are my hero and soul sister. Meat and movie theatre popcorn? It’s like we are twins without the womb sharing part. I wish you luck and health as you make these lifestyle changes. I do! And thanks for sharing your journey.