Listen To Your Mother 2014: And We’re Off!

I have said it a thousand times, but always enjoy repeating it: co-producing Chicago’s LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER SHOW (with Tracey Becker, the Phoebe to my Monica!) for the past two years has been a life-altering experience in the best possible way. We are an awesome team and I truly can’t imagine working on the show with anyone else.

We know how to have fun.

Tracey and Melisa LTYM 2013

Of course, we also know how to get down to business, even when we’re just acting like we’re working for the camera.

Tracey and Melisa at work

(Pictures courtesy of Sabrina Persico, by the way.)

All of our work sessions, whether they are on the phone, in person, or via Google Hangout, are full of giggles. Oh, and reminders from Tracey that I should “relax, hon, because everything’s going to be okay!” (She completes me.)

I am so excited that we are officially starting “work”–though I hesitate to call it that because it doesn’t feel like work–on the 2014 Chicago LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER SHOW. (Ahem, we’ve been working unofficially off and on for a while now. It’s how we roll.) We’re in our third year now, and we know exactly what will come easier to us than before and where we need to work harder: we have a strategy!

There’s a new dimension to the season for me this year, too, as the New Cities Mentor on the national LTYM team. I will be coaching producer/director teams from ELEVEN new cities (thirty people in all!) through their journey to stage. I’m thrilled to be able to provide the voice of experience and hold hands if needed, and that “work” has already begun, too!

Check out the official announcement on the LTYM page: perhaps the show will be in YOUR town in 2014?