Don’t Try This At Home!

So let’s say that sometimes you wear those nasal strips at night, the ones that help you breathe easier and keep you from snoring. And let’s say that one night you go through the same face-cleansing routine you perform every night, paying special attention to your nose because the nasal strips stick so much better when you have properly cleansed your nose. And then let’s say that you apply the nasal strip, pressing it down tightly to create the seal it needs in order to stay put all night. And then let’s say that shortly after you apply the nasal strip you rip it off in anger (the reason for which is not important at all in this strictly-sort-of-hypothetical situation).

That nasal strip—applied and pressed onto a clean nose and then viciously ripped off during an angry episode that initiated the rare (in your case) sequence of acting before thinking—will take part of your nose with it, and eleven full days of feeling extremely self conscious and not wanting to go out in public along with muttering “there isn’t enough cover-up in the WORLD” will go by before your nose heals completely, or at least enough to be covered with only a minimal amount of makeup.

Or so I’ve heard.

(By the way, a discussion about my pre-nasal strip face prep caused Liz to create one of the funniest vlogs in the history of the world almost exactly one year ago, and I’m not just recommending that you watch it because she talks about how “Melisa is right again”; it really does align with this PSA. So go watch it HERE, but not if you hate laughing.)