Apple Bread, Apple Cake, Tomay-to, Tomah-to

It’s officially autumn, which means that it’s time for me to make hundreds and hundreds (or at least a dozen) loaves of apple bread. I got the recipe from Judy, an awesome woman with whom I worked at a craft store more than twenty-five years ago. Back then I was a young newlywed who was going to college and working at the craft store as head cashier and eventually custom framer—all of this seems like it didn’t even happen in this life, by the way, because it was so long ago. Judy worked in the floral department and basically spent all day restocking the silk flowers and creating beautiful flower arrangements. Every time we had a work get-together, Judy brought apple bread. I asked her for the recipe and she gladly shared it. I’m so happy she did! I am extremely sought-after, well-loved, and über-popular when I arrive anywhere with a loaf of this homemade apple bread in my hands and frankly, who wouldn’t want to be all of those things?

I posted the recipe once before, but didn’t use pictures (not even one!) and how weird is that, to post a recipe with not a single picture in the age of Pinterest??? So I’m posting it again.

By the way, ever since I nearly cut my finger completely off (Remember that? Good times.) when I was chopping apples to make—wait for it—apple bread almost two years ago, I use a fancy chopper.

apples chopper

Roxie doesn’t care for the chopper. I’m not sure if the noise it makes when I slam the top down on the apples is scary to her, or if she’s worried that by using a fancy chopper rather than a knife, I will forget to give her samples. (She Loves apples, with a capital “L”.) I do not forget. I love the sound of Roxie crunching apples. Weird, I know.

Vintage (2008) Roxie, accepting an apple gift:


What I love about this recipe is that you (I) mix the ingredients in three separate groups (A, B, and C) first, and then combine it all in one huge bowl. You don’t even need to use an electric mixer. Mix it old school, with a big spoon!

apple bread

Also, each recipe makes either two loaves or one bundt-style cake, which brings me to the debate: is it “apple bread” or “apple cake”? You can decide. I lean towards cake.

apple bread apple cake recipe


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