On Birthdays.

Here’s the thing. I’m just not sure how many posts I can write about my birthday.

One more for now, I guess.

I’ve had many memorable birthdays, including my 30th, which was when Jim, my sister, and Kate pulled off the unthinkable and gave me a surprise party in my own house.

There was the one when I was four and my mom served pigs in blankets, and one of my friends threw up all over the table. Every year I think of her and while I can’t even remember her name, I wonder what happened to her. I fully realize that’s weird.

There were the ones when I was a kid and my mom created the most fantastic cakes that reflected whatever I was “into” that year, like the Miss Piggy cake, the jeans cake, and the telephone cake. (I continued that tradition with my own kids, by the way.)

Melisa phone cake

Of course, there was last year when my friend the Amazingly Wonderful and Hugely Tremendous Erica gave me an early birthday present that she didn’t even know was a birthday present but the timing of Christopher Knight and Florence Henderson (from “The Brady Bunch”) doing a video greeting for me was impeccable. And the best gift ever.

This birthday, my 47th, will be remembered for how I worked at the BlogHer Food conference in my hometown. I’ll be spending today with lots of my friends (and desperately missing others), and while most people would rather not work on their birthday, I’m lucky enough to love what I do so I’m totally fine with it. (Besides, going out later! In the city!)

Thank you for all the calls, texts, and Facebook greetings I’ve already received today. I’m a very lucky girl.

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