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Comfort is Relative.

I think I have flown from city to city more in the past 18 months than I have in the last decade combined. Other than that one time I got stranded at the Newark airport because of a flight that kept getting pushed back until finally the crew had timed out on their hours (still thankful that Liz and GarthNHRN came all the way back to the airport to pick me up!), I generally don’t have airline issues other than turbulence. Jim and I mainly use two airline companies because we are members of their frequent flyer programs.

This week I flew to Arizona with my mom, and the airline we used is not one of “mine”. In fact, I haven’t used this airline in probably two decades. In another fact, I have avoided it like the plague because I hear all the time how horrible it is.

But I have to be fair here. I hear complaints about ALL airlines, my two favorites included. It’s not just that we live in a culture of constant complaining (thanks, social media!) but truthfully, flying hasn’t been the same since before 9/11. There are exorbitant fares, extra fees, security headaches (which I am fine with personally: better safe than sorry), occasionally rude passengers, occasionally rude airline staff, smaller seats, and countless other annoyances. Also, if you’re old like me you also remember that waaaay back in the day, flying was so special that we actually dressed up for it so that’s one more way the experience is lacking these days.


On the flight to Arizona I not only had a WORKING outlet but also a small pocket specifically for my phone, two creature comforts which I have never had on “my” two airlines but they made me smile a little bit more than I usually do when I’m on a plane.

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Once again, it’s the little things, literally. Now to get the two airlines that I use on board with these passenger upgrades.

What are some of the things that you appreciate when traveling?


  • Kari

    It is so funny you say this because Mike travels with one airline on business but we travel personally on another airline that also gets really bad press. But we love it, it works for our family and nothing can ever go smoothly.

    The way I look at it, we are so lucky to be traveling in the first place that I will never complain. 🙂