Vielen Dank, Kat! Die Geschenke Sind Prima!

Oh Happy Day!

Last week I received a package from my favorite German Evil Twin, Kat! (I love surprise packages, don’t you?)

Further confirmation that we are indeed long-lost evil twins came as I opened up all of the goodies that filled the box: all perfectly chosen. She sent me (okay, US…I shared with the family) some German chocolates from the area in Eastern Germany where she was born and raised (can I just say “YUM!”?). My favorite was the chocolate with Hazelnuts in it, which is a pretty common find in German chocolate: FOR A REASON. It’s delicious! Lucky for me, my family liked the other two candy varieties that she sent to us a little better.

She also sent an adorable black t-shirt that says “München” (Munich) in rhinestones with a rhinestone tiara over the word. Yay!


Jim’s favorite gift from the box was a beer stein from Oktoberfest 2007. Kat tells me that I have to get the Oktoberfest 2010 stein when we (hopefully) head on over there in 2 years. I’ll do that!


My favorite gift is as cute as a button. It’s a totally awesome miniature Lederhosen change purse! Look at it!

Kat also put some coins in it, to start my Europe 2010 trip savings. Great idea! I told her I plan to carry those little Lederhosen in my purse until they wear down to shreds.

Thank you SOOOO much, Kat! You made my week!


  • Kat

    Well I am glad that you and your family liked the surprise. In no way can this make up for the countless times you’ve put a SMILE on my face and they also won’t make up for the AWESOME gifts you sent me – twice!

  • Michelle

    That is SO way cool! I looooooove chocolate and hazelnut (tell me you’ve been introduced to Nutella already). Especially *good* chocolate. And the lederhosen purse is so adorable.

    I’m with Jules — I need to find me one of those twins.

  • Melisa

    Joodie: Maybe Kat has a sister!
    (Kat? Do you have a sister?)

    Michelle: I am telling you that I was introduced to Nutella in 1982. It was love at first taste, and we’ve been happy together ever since!

  • Kat

    LOL no I don’t have a sister (or brother for that matter) but I will make sure Jules will not be left out next Chanukah 🙂