Yes, We Wanna See You Do The Shimmy Again

As some of you may remember, Tina Turner (with Mr. Mister opening) was my second concert ever, in 1985. December 17, 1985 to be exact (Thanks, Wikipedia!). I went with my parents and sister, and boy was it a fabulous show! Tina was even better than anybody thought she would be, if that was even possible, and it made for a memory I carry with me even today. I remember my Dad marveling at Tim Capello, her sax player, and calling him “Conan the Barbarian”. (He was BUILT! Yikes!)


I found out from my sister last night that it wasn’t just my Dad saying that…apparently he’s known by Conan. Cool: I guess if you have to have a nickname, that one’s not so bad, eh?

Anyway, I remember Tina being very flirty with the audience. She had legs that went on forever, and was mesmerizing to watch. I started listening to the stuff she recorded with Ike, and MTV played the video for “Proud Mary”:

In those days, as a teen in the 80s, I was thrilled when Tina paired up with other acts that I loved at the time. Did you know that Cy Curnin and Jamie West-Oram from The Fixx (one of my all-time fave bands) appeared in her “Better Be Good To Me” video?

In the umpteenth hour of “Live Aid” (and yes, I watched almost ALL of it), Tina did a duet on “State of Shock” and “It’s Only Rock and Roll” with this young British lad:

And another of my favorites, oh my gosh, I LOVED this song (and David Bowie! Yippee!):

So when my family members heard that Tina was going back on tour after so long–at OPRAH’S urging, no less–everyone wanted tickets. I was unsure though: I had just paid for George Michael tickets for Julie and me (next month!) and didn’t know if I could swing it. So I actually put it out of my head. I found out later that Julie got tickets for our parents to drive to Atlanta and see her, but didn’t think anything else about it.

Imagine my surprise when, after last night’s Confirmation, Julie gave me my Mother’s Day present (because we hadn’t seen her in a long time!)(I know I’m not her mother but she is always so sweet and gets me a gift anyway! But she doesn’t have to! But she does anyway! And I always appreciate it!), and guess what it was? You got it! She bought us tickets to see Miss Tina in Chi-town this October! Can I get a Woot Woot???

I have to show you something though. Julie, being a graphic designer, always gives a really cool something-or-other with the tickets. For example, when she bought us tickets to see Madonna a couple of years ago, she put together a multi-page teaser containing the JP Gaultier sketches of Madonna’s concert costumes and a seating diagram pointing out where we would be sitting. My favorite ticket packaging, however, is when she creates a CD “Study Guide”. She burns a CD with all of the very best songs that artist has recorded, so I can listen and get excited in the time leading up to the show.

In fact, she even looked up the playlist for the Purple One’s Musicology tour in 2004 and made a CD of those songs, in order.

I had a good laugh at the Tina CD cover she presented me with last night, and thought I would share it with you. Ready? Here it is!



  • Huckdoll

    What an awesome gift…that CD cover is the best!

    Tina Turner always reminds me of my grandma and I have no idea why!

    She doesn’t sing or have wild big hair or wear sparkling dresses. She is white. But for as long as I can remember I’ve always though they were so much a like.

    I’m thinking maybe it was something I can’t remember/blocked out – like she danced and pretended to be Tina while she was rocking me to sleep as a baby or something!

    It’ll be a blast, you’re very lucky 🙂

  • NukeDad

    “It’s Only Love” with Bryan Adams was her best. Have a great time! Every time I hear her name all I can think of is Kevin Nealon shaking his thighs in front of Tim Meadows (as Ike Turner). Scary.

  • Michelle

    That s so way cool! Jules, great job! I love how it’s not just a one time gift but a total builder upper gift! Happy belated Mothers Day!

  • Melisa

    Julie: Ha! You crack me up too! (Don’t be sah-ree!)

    Huckdoll: Hilarious. Maybe your Grandma was one of Tina’s backup singers? 🙂

    Nukedad: Leave it to you to remind me who on SNL did a Tina impression. I was trying to think of that all morning. Should have asked you! And I forgot about “It’s Only Love”. Another great one!

  • KathyLikesPink

    What a talented sis. Cute idea.

    You always take me wandering down memory lane. Although I’m at least 10 years older than you. So it’s a different lane for sure!