Uncontrollable Laughter One Day, Hysterical Tears the Next…

You all know how much I aggravate myself when I do too many pop culture-type posts in a row.

“Well self”, I am saying to myself, “get ready to be ticked off.”

Deep breath.

I was watching “The Baby Borrowers” tonight (Ooh, that’s another post for another day. But not this week!), which is the NBC show about five teenaged couples who sign on to this “experiment” where they care for babies for three days. Then toddlers. Then pre-teens. Then teens. Then elderly folks. I really enjoyed the show tonight and made many judgmental and old lady-sounding comments to the television. Some of the couples were doing pretty well, and some were terrible. But that’s real life, right? That’s basically a sampling of what really goes on, just on a smaller scale.

But I digress. I didn’t want to post about that. Anyway, right smack-dab in the middle of this NBC show, there was an ad for a new show on ABC Family. I know why the ad was there, on a totally different network. “Baby Borrowers” is about teens, and this new show is called “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Sounds intriguing, right?


Guess who is starring in the show as the mother of a teenager?


Molly Parker (The Facts of Life)


Claire (The Breakfast Club)

124139 pretty in pink l

Andie (Pretty in Pink)


Samantha (Sixteen Candles)

That’s right. One of my all-time favorites, Molly Ringwald, is going to be on television, playing the mom of two teenagers. According to the info about her on various filmography sites, she was born in 1968. Forty years old this year. I am having an internal crisis. Where has all the time gone??? She can’t be forty!


I watch television and am the mom of two teenagers.

I was born in 1968.

I will be forty this year.

Never mind.


  • Michelle

    Wow. I thought she gave up acting and went really private or something. I LOVED Molly Ringwald.

    And turning 40 is not old. Having teenagers is not old. 78 is old.

  • nukedad

    What are you talking about? You’re not turning 40 this year, you’re celebrating the 11th anniversary of your 29th birthday! Right?

  • Melisa

    Joozie: LOL! I know! My “someday” is coming up on me like a freight train.

    Michelle: I thought she did for a while too, but I guess she’s been on Broadway and stuff in the meantime! Your last line cracked me up. Thanks!

    Nukedad: Oh yeah! Riiiiight. THAT’S the ticket. I’ll keep repeating that to myself.

    Melissa: I’m going to go one better and declare that 40 is the new 20. Nobody will go for that, but I might be able to fool myself. (I’m so gullible.)

  • Sue

    OMG! I have been seeing the commercials for the Molly Ringwald show and have been cracking up! SHE must feel old because now she is playing the MOM!

    Oh and the Baby Borrowers…very interesting show. I wanted to slap some of those kids up the side of their snotty little faces. (I mean the teenagers NOT the little cute babies!)

    And about being 40…at least everyone gets excited about 40, 41-not so much!

  • Astrogirl426

    I feel your pain. No really, i FEEL your pain. I’m turning 40 in 4 years (but I’m starting the nervous breakdown now, yay! – who says I leave everything to the last minute?), and there are two things that happened recently that about made me want to never leave the house again:

    1. a 26-year old I was working with, when Don Henley was mentioned, said, “Who’s Don Henley?” That was stroke #1, and
    2. I Heard on a local radio station recently that they would be adding music from the 80’s to their lineup of “oldies”. I’m sorry, did you say “oldies”? Yeh, I thought you did. Stroke #2.

  • KathyLikesPink

    Welcome to my world!

    Actually I had the same sort of a feeling when Jamie Gertz played the mom on that show, “Still Standing”. Which she totally rocked, I thought.

    Yeah, the Brat Pack are all Old Farts now.