How To Make A Duct Tape Wallet

I recorded this in June, and as it ran more than ten minutes (what can I say, he’s a talker like his mother), I thought we had to redo it because of Youtube’s video length policies, and because I don’t have any sort of video editor. And because I’m lazy.

Thank goodness I was reminded about Vimeo when I visited NYCityMama’s blog. You can all thank her for my being able to post this tutorial exactly as I recorded it. (or you can be angry at her. your choice.) All of the laughter in the beginning is because the older boy was in the kitchen, doing his best to mess up his brother. He succeeded about four times before we got this:


  • Tom

    Wonderful! I'm going to make wallets for the whole family.

    I love the realistic background sounds, like the huge delivery truck. Nice touch.

  • seashore subjects

    He is so lucky to have your crafty genes! Has he tried selling them to friends? I had a student who sold them & duct tape backpacks(he told me to recoup his costs)

  • Jason

    What's next, you're gonna have him making tiaras and sashes lol. Awesome work I know what I'm getting all the guys on my shopping list this year for Christmas.

  • The Microblogologist

    OMG Jason is onto something, make that boy make you a duct tape tiara! This was very cute, now he needs to make a duct tape Kippot vid for the next appropriate Jewish holiday. And he should tell the story the Rabbi told about his while making it if possible =)

  • sandra

    As soon as I played the video my brother went off to his room and a few minutes later came back with a few wallets we made when we were younger-didn't even know we still had them. So cool. We never thought about the stripe though, awesome design. 🙂

    I love how he flips the roll of tape before he begins using it.

  • surprised mom

    I wish I would have known about duct tape wallets when the girls were in Girl Scouts. They were always looking for craft projects!

    Your son has inherited your craft gene. I bet you're so proud! 🙂

    I love the laughter between the siblings and you.

  • Bad Momma

    What a crafty young man (takes after his mother!)

    We have a rule at work against using scissors on tape (gums them up). Have you ever tried using a box cutter or exacto knife? You'd need a cutting board so you don't ruin your table.

  • The Devoted Dad

    That was pretty cool! I will have to try that for an activity for my girl to make gifts- my boy is a little young yet, but he will join in when he's older. -Jason