Just Dessert.

Yesterday I attended the annual Wilton Tent Sale in my neck of the woods with Michelle, who–amazingly–is an area native and just found out about it. I was amused when she told me that because I often call her when I need advice or suggestions for things in the Chicago area.

In fact, I’m just remembering that, when I had to drive to Wooddale (a suburb I had to look up on Mapquest because I had no clue about its location) on Thursday to pick up a new glass microwave plate for work at Magic Chef because I refused to pay the $10 shipping in addition to the cost of the plate, Michelle said to me, “I can’t BELIEVE you didn’t know where Wooddale is!”

So it was pretty funny that I, just a day later, got to say “I can’t BELIEVE you didn’t know about the Wilton Tent Sale!”

The sale is HUGE*, and you can find just about anything you need for cake decorating, baking, scrapbooking, and other “Martha Stewart-ish” activities, at between 50-75% off retail prices. It’s hard, when walking up and down the aisles, to keep your head because everywhere you look there are bargains galore, and each year I find myself having an internal dialogue about how much I (and my wallet) really need a new cupcake pan or any of the other fabulous items to be found.

Michelle and I did okay, I think. I’ve definitely spent more there in the past. We both got these (I can’t wait to use them!), and I got one of these. I also got a set (just one) of three candy mold shells and some melting chocolate, which made for a great dessert last night. I’m no pastry chef, but check me out:

The family was thrilled, and it was SO easy. (Bonus!)

As we were eating them, I had a brilliant idea: jumbo peanut butter cups for the holidays!

I think I need to go back to the tent sale and get another set or two of the shells so I don’t have to make them three at a time, but I’m resisting…they put new items out everyday and I’m worried that I might find other things that I “need”. Le sigh.

*Disclosure: I’m not advertising for them; just telling you about where I went!


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  • Mrs4444

    How cool is that?! Awesome. I would love to have some of those, to look all professional in the kitchen. 🙂 Well done!

  • Michelle

    SO much fun! I'm so glad you were able to go with me.

    And I used the filled cake pans yesterday to make the rocky road brownies (I made my own brownie batter not boxed), and YUM. So using them again soon – stuff came out of them like a dream, even with my overfilling issues. Do < 1/2 c

    PS It's Wood Dale. And I still can't believe you don't know where it is 😉

  • Lucy

    Couple of things…

    That dessert looks delicious!

    And I'm going to need some of those jumbo peanut butter cups! 🙂