If My Wallet Were As Big As His Heart, We’d Be In Business.

The other day, I was at work when the older boy called me from his job (well, one of them: he’s doing graphic design part-time by day and hosting/bussing at a restaurant part-time by night), very excited about something.

“I have a GREAT idea for a Father’s Day gift for Dad,” he said.

“Oh really?” I asked. “What is it?”

“Well, we are right next door to one of those places that rebuilds and soups up cars, and I’ve been noticing an old Camaro in the parking lot. I went into the auto place and asked about it, and they said it belongs to my boss.”

Jim’s dream car is the Camaro, and at this point I was thinking he was going to ask his boss if he could let Jim drive it around a little bit, as a “gift experience.”

“Okay…” I said. “And?”

He continued, “Well, he told me that he thinks my boss is trying to sell it.”


“Well, I thought maybe we could get it for Dad! I haven’t asked how much it is yet, but what if it’s only a couple thousand dollars??!!”

I choked a little bit and asked him to repeat himself, and he did.

I said, “Uh, GREAT idea, but that is waaaaay over what I have in the Father’s Day budget.”

“Mom, come on! It’s perfect!”

I said, “Whose family do you think you’re a part of? Donald Trump’s? Are you kidding me???”

He kept trying. “Come on, Mom! When is the next time you might get an opportunity to buy Dad a car like this???”

“Uh, right after you and your brother are finished with college…AT THE EARLIEST.”


I told him that it was so sweet of him to think of that for his Dad, and if money were no object I would jump on it, but it’s not any where near a realistic possibility in this lifetime, so we’ll have to find something a little, uh, less pricey. (okay, a LOT less pricey.)

So sweet though, don’t you think?

Happy Father’s Day to Jim, and to my (and Julesie’s) Dad! Love you guys!


©2010 Suburban Scrawl


  • Balanced Melting Pot

    I love the title! Kids are able to wish for the anything because they don't know all the limitations that the world has, yet. I think it's great! Unfortunately, we have the job of raining on their parades 🙁

  • Tara R.

    That was a very cool idea.

    The car we got for our son was a 'fixer-upper' and it's been a project car for him and my husband. They have had a great time working on it together. But… it was cheap to start with and none of work has been major repairs.

  • Michelle

    Awww what a sweet kid, I love it! Obviously he's still figuring out the money side of things, but he's got time 😉

    So what did you get him?

  • PJ Mullen

    That is priceless. I've always wanted a Camaro, too. The day that I see one in my driveway just got put out a few more years this morning 🙂