This month has been explosive for me as far as new projects suddenly coming together and being ready to launch; I’ve got yet another one to share with you. Do you remember when, last summer, I did a Guest DJ shuffle for Music Savvy Mom? And then, do you remember, back in March, when I gave you my musical resume? Well, I’ve been in cahoots (I LOVE that phrase!) with Ri, Music Savvy Mom herself, along with a bunch of other super-cool chicks, working on a project that is finally ready to share with the public: it’s a new, collaborative blog called The Music Mamas! We’re a group of music-loving mom bloggers who all like different kinds of tunes: for example, Ri would rather poke her eye out with a stick than listen to my favorite genres, but it’s all good because she’s got ME to cover the 80’s, pop, and techno/electronica types so she doesn’t have to!

The site is up (I’ve done two posts already, one about World Cup vuvuzelas and one about Lindsay Lohan’s sentencing woes!), and we are having an official Twitter launch party CHOCK FULL of giveaway prizes (seriously, the prize list is unreal) this Monday evening from 9:00-10:30 p.m. EDT, which is 8:00-9:30 for you midwestern folks in my area.

GO HERE to read more about it, and we need your RSVP, so don’t forget to sign in if you can make it!

By the way, speaking of great music-related launches in history, can you believe that MTV went on-air TWENTY-NINE years ago? I can’t. Watching this video totally took me back to my early teen years.

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  • melissa

    sounds fun!! going to check it out! of course i know that you have the 80's covered perfectly!! 🙂

  • Lisa

    oh and I won't mention that 29 years ago I was just shy of turning 4! I saw very little MTV until I was 12 as we didn't get cable until then.

  • Karen MEG

    I am so into the 80s. okay, get OUT that MTV was 29 years ago. I was just born, honestly….I'll check out your new place, very excited!

    And bummed that I'm not going to see you at BlogHer this year. Absolutely bummed.