I’m headed up north and over the border today (to Wisconsin), to bring D home for his five-day break between his three-week January term and spring semester, which begins Wednesday, or as we call it in this house, “One day post-Lenny”.

It’ll be nice to have D home for an extended weekend, as always. I’m excited to hear what he thinks about his old room–now J’s room–which we painted last weekend (pictures will be posted as soon as I get the rest of his new bedding and figure out a new window treatment). I’m also looking forward to hearing all about the animation class he has been sitting through for the past three weeks, during which he learned how to do this kind of thing from scratch:

Pretty amazing what you can learn in a short time, right?

Speaking of short time, the start of spring semester on Wednesday makes me think about how, in just four months, D will be halfway done with college.

How does that happen so quickly???? Yikes.

Insert cartoonish, bugged-out eyes HERE.