Random Thoughts On A Saturday

~ Just when I think I can’t possibly juggle more balls in the air, I find that I can. I have so much work in so many areas to finish by Tuesday, it’s ridiculous. It’s all good, though: all good things.

~ The Lenny concert is Tuesday evening. I can’t imagine a better way to relax and have some fun with my family after meeting my deadlines. (I WILL meet my deadlines, right?) (Never mind, I know I will.)

~ I finally have myself on a steady workout schedule: five days per week and six classes (Zumba, spin, and weight training/abs).

~ My new, steady workout schedule puts a little bit of a rush on the rest of my day, which is tough, but I have to prioritize myself this way–especially because most of my work is currently done on my laptop while sitting on my tushie.

~ I spent yesterday afternoon with some Chicago blog friends, working on a little project in the city and laughing like crazy. I spent yesterday evening with some suburban Chicago blog friends, having dinner and laughing like crazy. I went to bed reflecting on how blessed I am to have made such wonderful in-real-life connections through this crazy online thing I do.

~ Speaking of online/real life tie-ins, Tracey and I will be announcing the audition information for LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO on Monday, over on the LTYM-Chicago site. Keep your eyes peeled!

~ Okay, seriously. I have to get to work now.