Lenny Kravitz In Chicago: A Summary In Tweets, Pics, And, Of Course, A Few Words…

It seems like months ago when I first wrote about the Lenny Kravitz concert in Chicago for which I, at the time, only hoped our family would be able to procure tickets, but it’s been less than a month. In that time, my sister and J got the tickets for us (two in the fifteenth row on the floor and three on the second row of the front balcony) while Jim and I were on our cruise by setting up an elaborate “Lenny Ticket Headquarters” which was made up of several computers, with phones on standby. They worked really, really hard to get those tickets. After they got the tickets, Jim–a Lenny Super Fan–started the countdown, both out loud and online by using Facebook and Twitter. Most of the time, he’d include some form of “We’re gonna GET IT!” in reference to Lenny’s newest single off of his “Black and White America” album, “Come On Get It”.



And so on, down to the day of the concert.

Wherever Jim has gone in the past month, you can bet he’s had Lenny’s music playing out of his phone. We listened to it while painting J’s room. We listened to it while preparing dinner. We listened to it in the car. You get the idea.

The week before the concert, my sister added her own brand of humor by “retweeting” (and by retweeting I really mean NOT REALLY retweeting) Lenny himself.



Finally, it was concert day.

2012 01 31 17.59.05

The five of us split up (J went to sit with Jim, D with my sister and me) and found our seats. Jim was pretty happy.


So was “Lenny”.


We make fun, but I think it’s adorable how much Jim loves Lenny and his music. But yeah, we make fun.


The counter:


In the meantime, Julesie and I were getting warmed up for the concert by dancing around in our seats, showing D (between us) our fantastic moves. (And I’ve got ’em…every day I’m shufflin’, remember?)

Well, D was not having any of that. He acted as if we were humiliating him by giggling like school girls and dancing without music. And then, he tried to put the hammer down. TRIED.


My reaction? *blink blink*


Julesie’s reaction was more to-the-point.


I mean, really. Do I have to bring in Ecclesiastes??

Mind you, this was before the concert even started. I finally switched seats with D so he could stand there, practically still, and watch the concert “in peace” while my sister and I boarded the Fun Bus. (Honk, honk! All aboard!)

Once the concert started and D got a look at our immediate surroundings, his annoyance at our dancing went away as someone else distracted him.


Want an idea of what she looked like?


The concert was, of course, phenomenal. He opened with “Come On Get It”. This is somebody else’s video from the Chicago show that will probably end up getting pulled from Youtube eventually, but for now, enjoy.

Lenny is one of the best entertainers I’ve ever seen live, and this time (my third!) was the best. One of the things I love about his live shows is that he sounds EXACTLY like his recordings. He is fun to watch, addresses the crowd regularly, and shows such appreciation for all of the admiration being thrown his way. At one point he even took off his mic and his chains and walked through the crowd, even going upstairs and through the crowds in the balcony (not our side, though!). It was pandemonium. He is so cool, he’s hot. Truly.

All of the seats at the Chicago Theatre are good, but I was happy to be where we were, in the balcony’s second row. I took some pictures on my cell phone; they aren’t great but I didn’t spend too much time worrying about it because I wanted to focus on the concert.

2012 01 31 21.28.35

Jim and J’s floor seats were pretty wonderful, too! Here’s a picture Jim took with his phone:


The entire show just blew our minds. One of my favorite Lenny songs sung live is “Fly Away”, which he always follows with “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” Just wow.

At one point, Julesie leaned in and shouted in my ear, “It’s so weird not being in the kitchen while we’re listening to this!” (See? It was a lot.)

Lenny left the stage and came back out for an encore, asking how much time he had left and telling us, “I’ve got fifteen minutes left!” He played an ultra-long version of “Let Love Rule”, introducing the band in the middle and then finally, said good night.

2012 01 31 22.30.51


Those of us on Twitter, though, got a special goodbye.


I can’t wait until he comes back. Wanna go?


    • Melisa

      Oh my gosh, they REALLY need to hop on the fun bus. That said, we’ve had a great time making fun of them for their stiffness at the concert, soooo…I guess it worked out after all. 🙂

  • Heather

    I feel like I was there! Hahaha. You & Jules tweets were cracking me up that night. I’ve always like Lenny Kravitz, but I’ve never really listened to his stuff. I think I should rectify this. Starting now. 🙂

    • Melisa

      You really should. And if you need any song suggestions, Jim can help you out. 🙂 (I can too, but it was fun to type that. He’s GAGA over Lenny! haha)