Best Friends Forever!

As of late I don’t really write too much about what I’m watching on television, but today I’m making an exception because I’m trying to do my little itty bitty part to help save a fantastic show that really wasn’t given a chance: NBC’s “Best Friends Forever”. The show, which was canceled after just four episodes and VERY little promotion by NBC (because they were probably too busy promoting another show that has a one-word title–also the first name of its star–which I will not name but tried to watch once and couldn’t even stick with it for more than half an episode because I couldn’t take it anymore), is hilarious. I don’t just mean “it’s funny”. I mean it is HILARIOUS.

The show is a sitcom, which is much-needed in this ocean of reality shows–some of which I do watch and enjoy but seriously, enough is enough–and gives thirty-minute snippets into the relationship of real life BFFs Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair. In the show, Jessica is newly divorced and moves in with Lennon and her boyfriend Joe, and hilarity ensues. Throw in a nine-year-old wise-cracker named Queenetta, some cinnamon rolls, the NYFD, Scoops, and lines like “Don’t hurt your womb!” (see, you should just watch), and you’ve got a hysterical half hour show that should be a part of the regular broadcast schedule. Incidentally, the show is produced by Parham and St. Clair as well as Alexa Junge (“FRIENDS”) and Fred Savage (you may remember him as Kevin Arnold from “The Wonder Years”)! One of the things I love about the show is the writing: real BFFs really DO talk like this. Brilliant!

NBC is airing episodes five and six at 8 Eastern/7 Central tonight. Please watch, but only if you like laughing. I’m crossing every available body part that NBC changes its mind or another network swoops in and picks it up.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the store and buy some Scoops and cinnamon rolls to eat while I’m watching the show.


  • Melissa S.

    I’m so watching this tonight even if there is a tornado! 8pm in front of the TV!!! Love this show!

        • Melisa

          Hunker down and be safe! I would offer some cinnamon rolls as a sacrifice about an hour before the show in hopes that the tornado stays away.

          • Melissa

            I will be having some scoops or maybe pulled pork. Actually I think I can sing “the temperature’s rising…” (it will be raining)

  • mags

    I know you’re Melisa with one S. I know this. However I have not yet had any coffee. So. Seeing this banter between YOU and Melissa S just kind of blew my mind. Yikes.

    Sadly, I didn’t get to read until now. So I didn’t get to watch. I hope they keep it running for your sake.

    • Melisa

      You crack me up!

      If you’re interested in the show, it’s available on Hulu. Last night’s episodes were SO good!