The Plan

Being an empty nester is weird.

Full disclosure: while our 23-year-old is currently living with us while he works and saves up some money for his next move, I still consider us empty nesters. Maybe THAT’S weird.

Anyway, being an empty nester is weird.

It’s weird because once the kids grow up and move out, it’s awesome because you’re thrilled that they are starting a new chapter in their lives and you can start a new chapter in your life, but it’s also sad because they are starting a new chapter in their lives that doesn’t include you on a constant basis, and you’re starting a new chapter in your life that doesn’t include them on a constant basis.

Get it?

Anyway, while it is a glorious thing to be “on our own” as empty nesters, there’s just something about having both of the “kids” back in the house.

Today J came home for an extended Thanksgiving break and we just hung out, chatting, in the kitchen for the first hour he was home. He went to see his girlfriend and when he came back, Jim was being dropped off after being on a business trip all week and D arrived home from work shortly after that. The kitchen was bustling again, but I felt completely peaceful.

It’s snowing tonight and we’re expecting anywhere from one to nine inches by tomorrow afternoon (an eight-inch range? I know. Sigh.) and the falling snow is peaceful too. I was going to take a class first thing in the morning but thinking about getting up and leaving the house to drive across town in what could potentially be poor road conditions while the rest of the family sleeps in and experiences a Lazy Saturday Morning without me caused me to change my mind completely about the workout, and I canceled my reservation.

I don’t know what time everyone is getting up or what they’re planning for themselves tomorrow. What I DO know is that I’m going to take this rare opportunity to make the most of a day on which it’s possible to have absolutely no plans and try to relax with my loved ones.

At least, that’s the plan.

NaBloPoMo 2015

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  • Sylvia Joy

    Soooooo SORRY about the snow. But better you than me. There is no way I could shovel the snow and for goodness sakes your Dad couldn’t right now. Remember it is “All on Me”. Have a great day and We Love You All.