A Green Letter Day, The Sequel

You might remember that, this time last year, after a great first season ever of playing mainly the midfield position in his first sport ever (Lacrosse), the older boy won the award for “Most Improved Player” on the JV team, which was presented at the end-of-year banquet.

This year, as you know, he played the goalie position. He was playing 1000% times better at the end of the season than how he started, so we thought it was a real possibility that he would get the award again. How awesome would that be?? He actually told me a couple of weeks ago that he had a great “joke” in the event that he won again.

“I’m going to go up there, accept my award, and tell Coach that maybe next year I’ll play long stick middie and win for THAT position too. Should I say that?”

“Um, no,” I said.

As it turned out, he DID win. Hip hip hooray! Pretty awesome, you know?

Unfortunately, I was in the next room counting votes for our board elections when he was presented with it, but Jim and the younger boy were there to see it.

When I spoke to him after the banquet, I cringed and braced myself for the answer when I asked him if he told his “joke” to the coach. Thank goodness, he didn’t.

And thank goodness he has no interest whatsoever in playing anything but goalie next year. We’ve spent enough on equipment for him in the past year to last a while.

Next year? We’ll have two players in the house. I’d better go look for some change under the couch cushions. We’re gonna need every penny.

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  • Liz@thisfullhouse

    Congrats! My son also plays goalie, in soccer. He didn't make the travel team (again) but, they're down to only 1 team next year and I'm kind of, sort of glad he didn't. Boy, that IS a lot of equipment he's got on.

  • Tom

    Great work! Good that he's sticking with the goalie position. And good thing he didn't use his joke line. That's what we call a "career-limiting move."

  • NukeDad

    Hooray! Great job! I hear you on the couch cushion deal-growing boys and sports means a leaner wallet.

  • Mags

    Yay, yay yay!!!! That's fantastic!!!!!! And yeah…glad he didn't tell the joke, though it IS kinda funny. 😉

  • Michelle

    Whooo! Go dude! That's so cool for him… and good call on not telling that joke to the coach 🙂 Glad he's still interested in playing next year 😉

  • The Microblogologist

    Congrats to him and you all for supporting him! I totally don't get why that joke would be inappropriate, not like he actually planned to switch positions and unless the coach is a jerk why wouldn't it be taken as a silly joke???